How Does Backpack for Google Drive Work?

Backpack for Google Drive was built to provide as close to a 100% Google-native student portfolio experience as possible. Our goal has been to perfectly complement the world-class collaboration and learning management tools in the widely-adopted Google Workspace for Education.

Inspired by the challenge of bringing deeper learning to scale

Deeper learning is a pedagogy that focuses on rich, real-world, (often) collaborative and challenging tasks which result in long-lasting knowledge and skills that can be transferred into new contexts throughout a students’ life.

21st century-skill definitions like collaboration, communication, and critical thinking are often framed by district leadership as the “portrait of a graduate” through which a coherent, equitable, district-wide focus on deeper learning can be achieved.

Backpack for Google Drive was designed hand in hand with educators and district leadership who are fiercely committed to bringing deeper learning opportunities to every student.


Built by a team with a firm grip on the needs of educators

Built by a team with deep experience creating magic with Google technologies, and designed by former educator, Doctopus inventor Andrew Stillman, Backpack for Google Drive embodies the simplicity and flexibility needed to empower great teaching.

Backed by Google’s 2017 Global EDU partner of the year

Amplified IT boasts a deep bench of talented coders and Google for Education experts, and we have over 10 years of experience working with over 4,500 districts in North America.

Built and hosted on Google Cloud Platform

This foundation provides immense scalability and world-class security, allowing Backpack for Google Drive to follow rigorous privacy and standards and achieve similar performance to Google Workspace for Education.

Deeply integrated with the rest of Google Workspace for Education

Backpack for Google Drive leverages a wide range of Google APIs, from Drive to Classroom to User Directory, Groups, and the Google Workspace Marketplace to provide an experience that feels like it was meant to be part of Google for Education.