What 21st-century competencies are you cultivating in your graduates?

Backpack for Google Drive puts multi-year, skill-aligned, student-curated digital portfolios within reach for any district using Google for Education.

In Backpack, students curate, reflect upon, and showcase digital learning artifacts against a district-defined skills framework.  Backpack manages all of the sharing and organization of artifacts in Google Drive and seamlessly connects with Google Classroom rosters and assignments.

A catalyst for deeper learning

Backpack provides an intuitive and structured student showcase experience that is simple enough to be used at any age, and flexible enough to be adapted to a wide range of authentic assessment practices in schools, from informal student-led conferencing to panel-based defense presentations.

If, as educators, we are not profoundly changing the tasks we ask students to perform as evidence of their learning, we can’t expect to see any fundamental change in outcome.  Portfolio-based assessment can inspire ambitious shifts in teacher practice — motivating rich, authentic experiences that foster student agency and future-ready skills — but districts with the leadership-vision for deeper learning often lack fundamental resources to sustain, measure, and make this work visible at scale, for students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

Students will only develop
21st-century skills if school experience demands it

Backpack for Google Drive is a digital student portfolio solution built within the Google ecosystem.

Backpack makes the best of Google Workspace for Education even better

Students and teachers stay within the collaborative document editors, cloud-based file storage, and assignment workflows they already use on a daily basis.  By using an already established infrastructure, students are able to continue their growth within the same 21st-century collaboration tools they use to produce most of their classwork.

Digital Portfolio Experience with JCPS

JCPS Chief Academic Officer, Carmen Coleman, knows students must be academically prepared as they graduate, but they must also be good citizens, creative thinkers, and good collaborators. This is where she and district leaders stepped in to lead the district’s graduate profile initiative. The JCPS Graduate Profile has 5 Success Skills in their Backpack: being a prepared and resilient learner, a globally and culturally competent citizen, an emerging innovator, effective communicator, and a productive collaborator. Learn how JCPS implemented a successful Graduate Profile with Backpack for Google Drive